MapleViews is a complete, Cloud-based, analytics-driven system designed to instantly deliver better selection and planning of markets, locations, and franchisee territories directly to decision-makers.

Complete decision support profiles instantly for any location based on analytics, your data and market intelligence
Develop valuable intelligence and map content from available customer data
Complete functions to define, quantify, edit and visualize franchisee territories, delivery areas or trade areas
Quantify and visualize retail locations to identify top locations, measure growth opportunity and know the alternatives as sites are assessed
Visualize, explore, rank and filter your data to identify insights related to locations and plan growth effectively
Review demographics and market conditions visually and get key metrics for any specific area drawn on the map
Produce maps instantly with the specific content you need to make location decisions and greatly enhance site reviews
Get the specific details you need both visually and quantitatively to limit cannibalization and protect franchisee territories

MapleViews takes advantage of powerful industry leaders for its mapping, data management, reporting and server administration...leaders who have already devoted thousands of staff and many many years of development to these areas. The results are huge benefits not offered by other mapping software systems. MapleViews is designed to support organizations with thousands of locations, millions of customers, many brands, international presence and hundreds of system users.

Market Forté, the developer of MapleViews, is a Toronto-based solution provider founded in 2008 that specializes in helping organizations establish the best locations possible through location modeling, analytics, geographic information systems, spatial database, business intelligence, and advanced decision support systems development. Our experience covers some of the largest organizations across mutliple industries and more than 30 different brands.

Our solutions are designed by Market Forté's founder and principal consultant, Eliot MacDonald, whose qualifications include: